St. Paul’s History

By , October 12, 2009

Timeline of St. Paul’s History

1958 St. Paul’s Chapel established as a mission of St. Luke’s Church in Darien. 34 families begin to meet in Hollow Tree School. Rev.Alfred Persons was Priest-in-charge.

1961 St. Paul’s is approved as a diocesan mission station. Rev. William Bartlett , former FBI agent named as first Vicar.

1962 14.7 acres given to church at 471 Mansfield Avenue. 1964 church building constructed after 100 families pledge

100,000 in 1 month 1967 St. Paul’s becomes a parish and is brought into union with the diocese. Rev. H. Arthur Lane elected first Rector of St. Paul’s 1970 Milestone: “To know Christ and to make Him known”

becomes the credo of the church. This defines the purpose of St. Paul’s. Prayer and personal Bible study were promoted. A solid foundation was laid. Parishioners came to know Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. Many are led to understand and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

1972 Rev. Everett L. (Terry) Fullam becomes Rector. Four areas were stressed: Apostolic teaching, joy and awe in worship, charismatic gifts & experiences, and scriptural preaching.

Milestone: Jesus is the head of this church. Everyone is called to be a minister – equipping and mobilizing laity.

1975 church begins to meet in Darien High School for morning service.

St. Paul’s rode the crest of the charismatic renewal. Terry and St. Paul’s laity mobilize to conduct weekend conferences for visiting laity and clergy to teach Biblical principles upon which the church was based. Teams of people travel to other churches to vestry retreats, conferences, and seminars.

1979 Miracle In Darien is published – written about the call of Terry Fullam as leader of this renewal and how it played out in the parish and beyond. This book becomes the “manual” for other church boards and vestries.

1980 Attendance peaks at 1,300 in all services.

St. Paul’s adopts a “quadrilateral ministry which focused on four things: Worshipping our God and Savior Caring, including encouragement and support of lay ministries Teaching by priests, lay people and visitors

1989 Rev. Terry Fullam resigns. Rev. S. Mark Brown appointed as Priest-in-charge during the interim. Continued decline in attendance occurs.

1992 Rev. Carl Russell begins as Rector on Palm Sunday after a 28 month search. He shares a joint ministry with his wife Greta encouraging sensitivity to the Spirit and acknowledgement of brokenness.

2.3 acre lot purchased adjacent to St. Paul’s property New children’s program instituted; playground built on new property. ALPHA program established at St. Paul’s in Fall of 1996

1996 Father Russell resigns due to advanced Lyme disease (which went undiagnosed for a year) Greta completes the her ordination and continues on staff until April 1997.

1997 Rev. Anthony Bullman becomes Interim Rector in May. This begins a process of corporate healing and teaching in the congregation. Past issues were confronted.

The leadership’s search for Jesus’ vision of St. Paul’s bears fruit. This resets the course of the church and membership begins to grow. A new vision statement develops: Milestone: One body in Christ:

Hearing God’s word in joy;

Doing God’s work in love.

1998 Church celebrates its 40th anniversary in September.

Rev. Christopher Leighton becomes Rector in October

1999 Rev. Daniel Morgan comes in March to become Assistant Rector For Youth and Family Ministries.

As a result of all that God has brought us through, people coming to St. Paul’s experience exuberant worship, Biblical focus, and practical application of the Word of God!

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