Fr. Christopher Leighton - Revelation 2:8-11 July 25th

By Fr. Christopher P. Leighton, July 25, 2010 12:07 pm

To the Church in Smyrna


Is there a time in your life that you haven’t had enough money to buy what you wanted?  What you needed?

Have you ever “known” about something before it happened?  What was that like?


Where else do you see the phrases “the First and the Last”, “was dead”, and “is alive again” earlier in this book?

What are the church’s strengths?  Weaknesses?

What will happen to some of the members of this community?


Why would the facts that the Son of Man is the First and the Last and that He died and came to life again be of particular importance to the church at Ephesus?

How can they be both poor and rich?

What is the “synagogue of Satan”?

What is the second death?


In what kind of economic situation have you found it most difficult to live out your Christian faith—with money or without it?

The church at Smyrna is commended for its perseverance and urged to continue to be faithful.  How does the word that Jesus brings to them have an impact on you?  What does this teach you about suffering?

How does this word help you to overcome?

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