On the Mark – March 14th 2010

By Fr. Christopher P. Leighton, March 14, 2010 10:16 am

“The Garbage!”

A cartoon that was a favorite of my family of origin was of a woman with curlers in her hair, dressed in a bathrobe, holding a full trash can.  She was standing over a man wearing a powdered wig.  He was sitting, composing music at a keyboard.  The caption read, “Johann, the garbage!”

Even musical geniuses have to do the mundane, everyday chores of life.  You may think from time to time that it becomes routine or boring to confess our sins.  Is it possible that it is meaningless and an intrusion in what we would otherwise rather be doing?  Such thinking shows us how far we can stray from our Maker who loves us.  The Lord God doesn’t want anything to come between Himself and His children.  Sin separates us from God, and confession from a sincere heart restores us.

Think about it and you figure out that confession is good for the soul.


The Rev. Christopher P. Leighton


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