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Guestbook as of Monday, May 05, 2008

  Name: John Rossi
  Date: 1/11/2008
  House of Worship: Redeemer Community Church, Wellesley, MA
  Referred by: Ref. by Dirk Leasure/ New Canaan Soc.
Life long Anglican;former member of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Wellesley, MA; strong ACN advocate


  Name: Laura Irish Hefty
  Date: 11/1/2007
  House of Worship: Grace Point church in Newtown PA
  Referred by: internet
Your site is awesome and vision and mission is refreshing to read. I am from CT and born and raised in the Episcopal church. My sister lives in Darien and I have forwarded your site to her. Hopefully, she will visit at some point. I will keep your congregation in my prayers.


  Name: Douglas Robinson
  Date: 9/15/2007
  House of Worship: First Lutheran Church of Greenwich
  Referred by: 14 years ago
It was in 1992 that I became a born-again Christian at St Paul's under the rev.Mark Browne. From time to time I still visit this wonderful place and have many friends here. Thank you the body of Christ, Douglas


  Name: Eleanor Orr
  Date: 8/16/2007
  House of Worship: All Sts Peckham, London England
  Referred by: browsing net
my husband Roger, baby daughter Abigail and I were members in 1987 when we lived briefly in USA. Glad to see the church is still keeping God's truth. I would be pleased to see some more recent news on the website.........


  Name: Deacon Dick Lamb
  Date: 7/23/2007
  House of Worship: Cathedral Church of the Intercessor
  Referred by: I read the book, "Miracle in Darien."
Are you still like Fullam's church? Do you still have a charismatic flavor? I was trained under MacNutt in the early seventies, and now do Theophostic Mind Renewal/Inner Healing.


  Name: Steven Donelly
  Date: 7/17/2007
  House of Worship: Tidewater Area Christian Felowship
  Referred by: Yahoo
Former member living in Virginia Beach now God Bless You


  Name: Lauren Riccardi
  Date: 3/31/2007
  House of Worship: St. Pauls
  Referred by: Google
Great Website, I am looking foward to a great service on Sunday. I am so filled with the Holy Spirit after each Sunday that it is like a volcana right before eruption-the pressure is intense-In a GREAT way!


  Name: Mark Shear
  Date: 1/25/2007
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: Pivot Ministries
Thanks for the sermons etc.


  Name: Bill Tetreault
  Date: 11/28/2006
  House of Worship: First Baptist Church of Freeport (long island)
  Referred by: looking for church contact info.
i was baptized as an adult in grace episcopal church (11th st) nyc by bishop moore, under Fitz Allison leadership in 1978 and continue to have deep concern for the lack of integrity of the episcopal church (though i have long since left). Thank you st pauls, for your continuing integrity before God. i will pray for st pauls leadership, members and ministries and other churches episcopal/anglican churches who appreciate the value of integrity before God. bill


  Name: Doug Hardin
  Date: 10/19/2006
  House of Worship: Hernando United Methodist
  Referred by: Google
Thanks be to God for your continued faithful following in His way. I am a retired Methodist minister who was greatly influenced by "Miracle in Darien" back in the early 1980's. It confirmed, and shaped, my understanding of the local church as the body of Christ.


  Name: Richard Smith
  Date: 7/19/2006
  House of Worship: Kings Church, Amersham, Bucks, England
  Referred by: Previous member
Just a reminder that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We cherish our memories of membership of St Pauls very much and standby you in prayer during your period of testing. All our love in Christ, Richard, Kay, Katie and Molly.


  Name: Mark McDonald
  Date: 6/16/2006
  House of Worship: Blessed John XXIII Catholic Church Sydney Australia
  Referred by: heard about the parish from a friend
I have seen a video made in the 1980's of a pastor from your parish talking to a group in Sydney Australia in the mid 1980's. The concepts have remained true all these years later when I first saw it in 2005. The description as the headship of a church belonging to Christ inspired our parish to do likewise.


  Name: Elizabeth M. Leknes
  Date: 6/15/2006
  House of Worship: Grace Episcopal, Ocala, FL
  Referred by: Internet
I was blessed to be able to worship at St. Paul's from 1985 - 1988 when I retired to Florida. Several times before Terry Fullam's illness I was able to visit churches where he was speaking, and also attended a CFO conference where he was guest speaker. I am reminded frequently of St. Paul's because we are asked weekly to keep you in our prayers.


  Name: james guadiana
  Date: 6/6/2006
  House of Worship: st. thomas more church, darien
  Referred by: past church often
I'm investigating joining a church because of dienchantment with RC church.


  Name: Mary G. Moad
  Date: 6/5/2006
  House of Worship: Grace Episcopal Church, Weslaco, Texas
  Referred by: "Miracle in Darien" and Google
Years ago (1979) I experienced Jesus through Cursillo, and from there the following Monday, He led me to "Miracle in Darien," which led to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I just re-read the book and wanted to see where St. Paul's is nearly 30 years later. Someday I hope to visit, but it is good to know you're still there, although smaller? I still have many, many tapes of Fr. Terry and Fr. Rennie as they taught so long ago---timeless teachings! Thank you, St. Paul, and I know God will continue to bless you.


  Name: Mary Curtin
  Date: 1/5/2006
  House of Worship: St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Coalinga, CA
  Referred by: "Miracle in Darien"
"Miracle in Datien is the book selection for our Church Book Club. I am hosting Saturday and thought if there was anything from St. Paul's on internet I would update from 1979. Very gratified with your extensive coverage and will share downloads with group. God Bless you and your ministeries! Mary Curtin


  Name: Rev. Gregory Brawn
  Date: 11/9/2005
  House of Worship: United Church of Canada
  Referred by: "Miracle in Darien"
May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.


  Name: Richard Eggers
  Date: 10/23/2005
  House of Worship: St. John's Cathedral, Denver, Colorado
  Referred by: website
I pray for your parish and all the others that are being subjected to William Laud-type persecution for remaining steafast to Scriptural truth. Sadly ECUSA seems headed toward full schism from the Anglican Communion. Remain strong in your convictions for you will remain in my prayers.


  Name: Bitte A
  Date: 9/23/2005
  House of Worship: Catholic Cathedral of Stockholm (Sweden)
  Referred by: Through my dear friend, Karen Spivey
I was awakened by Our Lord right before Easter 2004, when my job (I'm a film critic) took me to a press preview of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. After that day I regained a Christian Faith that I hadn't had since early childhood. I couldn't find what I was looking for in the Lutheran Church of Sweden - not because of the Lutheran teachings but because of the way the church in my country has strayed away from the Christian message more and more over the years. The arch bishop has even denied the Resurrection, and many of the most powerful bishops, including the bishop of Stockholm, denies Jesus was the Messaiah (I'm happy to have learned that this isn't the general opinion in Lutheran denominations worldwide though!). My journey eventually took me to the Roman Catholic Church, and on Easter vigile 2005 I was united with Christ in the RC Church of Our Saviour, NYC. During my journey of Faith I have come to know many wonderful friends in Christ, and I met some of them while I was in NYC this Easter - one of whom Karen Spivey, who e-mailed me the link to this church. I hope to be able to visit next time I go to NYC.


  Name: Nicholas Mastropietro
  Date: 7/31/2005
  House of Worship: West Angeles Church of God in Christ Los Angeles CA
  Referred by: Internet
I will be coming home to visit from LA and my family and myself is from CT. I was baptized at Saint Pauls as an infant and recently became baptized in the Holly spirit. I will be attending church Sunday the 7th i belive and the following week. Look forward to attending service. Thank you NM


  Name: Fr. Steven J. Kelly, SSC
  Date: 7/25/2005
  House of Worship: St. John's Episcopal Church of Detroit
  Referred by: Article in the Living Church/Websearch
Just a note of support for you and the Connecticut Six from an AAC Parish in the Diocese of Michigan.


  Name: Rev Sharon L. Lewis
  Date: 7/19/2005
  House of Worship: Church of the Holy Spirit, Osprey, FL
  Referred by: Knew this church from Fr.Terry Fullam
Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am rector of an Anglican, Episcopal, evangelical, charismatic, liturgical church. I have wanted to visit St. Pauls's for years. This coming Sunday (July 24th), I hope to be there with my son and his girlfriend. They have visted once already and tried to attend a Sunday night service they had discovered on your web site. You may have discontinued that for the summer. Anyway, you have all been in our prayers here and we support your stance on the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. May Christ get the glory. In Christ's Love and Grace, Rev. Sharon Lewis+


  Name: Steven Parish
  Date: 7/15/2005
  House of Worship: St. Paul's Episcopal Church,Montrose,CO
  Referred by: Thru the recent action of Bishop Smith
I thank God for your congregations' stand in Conneticut. Holy Scripture is what we must all lean on. That is NOT "flirting with idolatry" as your Bishop has stated.


  Name: Brian & Traci Myers
  Date: 6/22/2005
  House of Worship: Stine Road Baptist Church
  Referred by: our pastors met at a convention
Dear Rev. Leighton, Please know that Brian and I, as well as our entire sunday school class are praying for you. We send you our love in Christ. The Myers Family


  Name: Beverly Robotti Mahan
  Date: 6/6/2005
  House of Worship: Grace Church, High Point, NC
  Referred by: searched on Google
I spoke with my dear friend Penny Rauh recently. It gave a rush of so many precious and Godly memories regarding St. Paul's of the mid 1970's. Father Fullam and Renny Scott, as well as Martin Minns, the Rodemann's and Buck's and so many others built a sure foundation in Christ that has withstood the trials and times of my life. I will be visiting CT this summer and praying about whether to move back home. It is so good to hear that St. Paul's is the same strong church that I remember. I plan on attending a service. Be greatly encouraged!! Whatever we do for Christ will forever stand. All of us at our Intercessors Group are upholding "y'all" in prayer! It would be a great blessing to hear from any of the "Mobile Mininstry" or youth group from 1974-1977.


  Name: Donna Noonan
  Date: 5/26/2005
  House of Worship: Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA
  Referred by: : - )
My heart swells with love and respect for Fr. Leighton and the 5 conservative priests who are standing against the liberal beliefs of the ACC and ECUSA. I was a member of St. Paul's from 1991-2000 when I moved to Boston, and though I am a member of a great church here, I still consider St. Paul's my church home. St. Paul's is the foundation where my faith was born, my commitment to Christ sealed, and my talents and ministry identified. Much love and special prayers go out to to Fr. Chris & Janet, Fr. Dan & Kristen, Lisa & Jim, the Swedbergs, Eric & Jayne Chen, Jen Hedberg and June Cammerer. We stand together in Jesus's truth, give voice to His commands, and are living proof to His life-changing grace.


  Name: Mark Shear
  Date: 5/20/2005
  House of Worship: Faith Christian Center
  Referred by: Tuesday service
Hello to Father's Chris and Dan from Mark


  Name: Randy Parkes
  Date: 5/8/2005
  House of Worship: Meeting the Needs of God's People, Detroit
  Referred by: Article on
Praise God for your righteous, passionate stand on sodomy! Nevertheless the greatest sin in America is not sexual sin or even the endorcement of sexual sin in the church by "religious authorities". It is unbelief. Halleluja! Jesus is Lord. He will have them in derision.


  Name: Peggy
  Date: 5/5/2005
  House of Worship: Church of God
  Referred by: agapepress article
  Comments: I have just read the above article and wanted to commend you for standing for your beliefs and interpretation of the Word of God. God's love is for all, as is the truth of His Word. 2Thes 2:13-15


  Name: Margaret
  Date: 4/30/2005
  House of Worship: St. Columba's RC Church, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
  Referred by: Miracle in Darien Book
After reading the book I was sure you would be in collision with the unfortunate decisions taken by the Episcopal Church in the USA and am glad to see you are. Bless you all,stay faithful to the vision the Lord gave you, have courage and trust the Lord to lead you onward.


  Name: Kenneth Wolman
  Date: 4/29/2005
  House of Worship: St. James, Long Branch, NJ
  Referred by: via NY Times story
My journey has taken me from Judaism to Catholicism to Episcopalian/Anglicanism. It's also taken me from unquestioning adherence to "correct" live-and-let-live ideas about choice in any area, to a growing conservatism that frankly scares me. What I find objectionable here is the Bishop's order to Fr. Leighton and the other five priests. No, it's not objectionable, it's dictatorial and reprehensible. I did not enter this Communion to experience a Holy Office administered at a diocesan level, even if the diocese happens not to be mine. If there is freedom of choice, it should extend to priests as well as to abortion-hunters and people who wish to validate their style of loving with a church's blessing.


  Name: Bill Huber
  Date: 4/23/2005
  House of Worship: The Church of the Good Shepherd (AMiA), Huntersville, NC
  Referred by: Used to attend ChristChurch, Greenwich
You are in our prayers!


  Name: Suzy Graupner
  Date: 4/21/2005
  House of Worship: St. Peter Lutheran Church, Norwalk
  Referred by: Follow-up on a news story
I pray you will be filled with the Comfort and Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ as you proclaim His Truth by your actions. God bless you.


  Name: Fr. Chuck Thebeau
  Date: 4/21/2005
  House of Worship: St. John's, New Braunfels Texas
  Referred by: web
Dear brother Chris, I want you to know that we at St. John's are praying for you. We also have brought up your situation to one of our bishops in hopes that he and others will ultimately stand with and for you! May the Lord hold you up and continue to glorify His Name through you! With gratitude and love for you! Chuck+


  Name: Danine M. Chevarella
  Date: 4/21/2005
  House of Worship: Greater Bridgeport Christian Fellowship, Bridgeport, CT
  Referred by: heard about Bishop Andrew Smith
Dear Reverend Christopher Leighton: I am writing this letter to show my support for you and the 5 other priests for standing up for the Bible. Be encouraged for you are doing the right thing. Bishop Andrew Smith is wrong to do what he is doing against the 6 of you. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin, and that is where Bishop Smith should stand. Please let me know if you had any specific prayer requests. God's Blessings, Guidance, Strength and Encouragement to all 6 of you and your congregations. In His Name, Danine M. Chevarella


  Name: Eric Chen
  Date: 4/19/2005
  House of Worship: Mt. Zion Church, Beavercreek OH
  Referred by: I came to Jesus at St. Paul's
I am so very proud of you - Fr. Christopher, Fr. Dano, the Vestry, the congregation of the saints. I am so very proud of the other 5 priests and congregations in CT that stand united in Jesus against a bishop and others that have strayed away from Jesus and the Bible. I have moved to OH, but my heart and prayers are with you - good and faithful servants and friends of Jesus. In Jesus' victory and power, Eric & Family


  Name: Brent Vallee
  Date: 4/19/2005
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by:  
Hi Christopher. Thanks for the letter. My prayers are with you and your congregation as you continue to stand by God's word and the authority of scripture. I am encouraged by your faith. Soli Deo Gloria indeed!


  Name: Chris Hebert
  Date: 4/18/2005
  House of Worship: W. Hartford CT
  Referred by: The Web
Keep up the good work!! Sounds like you're keeping with the teachings of the bible.


  Name: Lisa Nagy
  Date: 4/14/2005
  House of Worship: Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham, AL
  Referred by: Lenten Preaching, April 9, 2001
I was reminded of St. Paul's when I saw the article in the NY Times. It humbled me to see your troubles- which make our situations in Dio-ALA minor in comparison. I am praying for you all- Chris, your parish, and the other orthodox churches. I still use Father Leighton's name for Peter- "The Plaid Shirt Apostle". For me, his sermon at the Advent in 2001 was moving and formative, one of the building blocks in the foundation of my faith.


  Name: Steve Ebling
  Date: 4/11/2005
  House of Worship: Alliance Bible Church, Mequon, WI
  Referred by: Attended NSC on 4/1/05
Thank you for your courageous and biblical stand. I am praying for you and trust God that the vital ministries that take place at St. Paul's will not be hindered by those who oppose the true Word of God.


  Name: Rob Lias
  Date: 4/5/2005
  House of Worship: Christ Church (Anglican) or St. Johns Episcopal
  Referred by: AAC News article
Stay the course. I am in the Southern Virginia Diocese and we are experiencing very similar issues. Together and with the Lords intervention, we will succeed. Thank you for your faith. It gives us all energy and courage to continue the good fight. My prayers will be with you... Rob


  Name: Annie Rothgeb
  Date: 4/3/2005
  House of Worship: Church of the Apostles, Fairfax, VA (AAC/ACN)
  Referred by: Daily Office
We at Apostles are aware of your situation and are praying for you. You have friends here standing with you. We are praying God's protection and provision over your clergy and your congregation. Please, please know that we love you. In Christ, Annie Rothgeb


  Name: Tami & James Yaegashi
  Date: 4/2/2005
  House of Worship: Grace Church, NYC
  Referred by:  
We received word of the recent happenings concerning your conflict with the CT Diocese and we are lifting you in prayer at this time. May the Lord provide you with bread for the journey ahead. Peace and Love of Christ to you all- James, Tami & Samuel Yaegashi


  Name: Art Fourier Jr.
  Date: 3/30/2005
  House of Worship: Ressurection, Franklin, TN
  Referred by: rector, Joel Morsch, recommended
Thanks for your online lectionary, an invaluable resourse.


  Name: Barbara Cassidy
  Date: 3/29/2005
  House of Worship: Drew United Methodist Church, Port Jervis, NY
  Referred by: Search Engine
Greetings, I did an exhaustive search on the internet for a daily lectionary that I could read each day in the King James Version. I prefer the KJV over the modern translations, and was elated to find your website. However, since Easter, I've not been able to get into the lectionary--it stops on March 27th. Is there a problem with your website or is it my computer? Also, I was raised Episcopal and I love the Episcopal/Anglican liturgy. I have a 1928 Book of Common Prayer that I received from my parents when I was confirmed. I often go back to it for prayers--and hymns. (It contains the hymnal also.) What liturgy do you use? I've "investigated" your entire website, and believe me, if I'm ever up in your neck of the woods, I'll certainly visit your church. Thank you for your ministry of sharing the lectionary, and for your propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ over the internet. I sure would love to be able to read or hear the weekly sermon online if you're ever able to add that to your website. May our Lord prosper your steps. In Christ's love, Barbara


  Name: Linda Lee Traan
  Date: 2/18/2005
  House of Worship: Church of St. Andrew & St. Philip, Coventry, RI
  Referred by: Visited during Fr. Fullam's tenure
I attended a Vestry Workshop weekend during the 1980's during Fr. Fullam's tenure. I am happy to see that your Church is continuing to grow in Christ and supports the Anglican Communion's mission; Jesus Christ is Lord!!!


  Name: John B. Pennington
  Date: 1/7/2005
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: search engine
Grace and peace to Christopher and Janet.Happy new year!! Thanks for your Christmas letter and photo.Have lost your e-mail address, so would appreciate getting it again.Our love to all. John & Gretchen


  Name: Doug Fraser
  Date: 12/8/2004
  House of Worship: Christ the King Covenant Church, Weatherford, TX
  Referred by: Streams Ministry
Daar Father Chris, It's great to find your sight. I never did the address for Nigel Mumford after dinner in Nashua NH at the ARM conference. Result, I started looking for you on the web, couldn't find you, but ended up find, buying, and being extrremely blessed by "Miracle In Darien". WOW!!! I actually thought you were Father Terry in the book. Then my wife Diane said, he'd be in his 70's. I said, he's really well preserved. I think we will come to the Streams course you are hosting. God Bless you. thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Would you mind emailing me Nigel's address????:-) In His service, Doug Fraser [email protected] PS I ask you to pray for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit as I meet with pastors in Tamilnadu India 23-29 Dec 04.


  Name: Mark Shear
  Date: 11/29/2004
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: Pivot
I'd like to keep in contact with you because of the tremendous blessings you have bestowed upon me while I was at Pivot.


  Name: Dr. David Haddad
  Date: 10/28/2004
  House of Worship: St. Michael's By-the-Sea, Carlsbad, California
  Referred by: I attended St. Paul's from 1973-77
What is your experience in the Holy Spirit today? Is St. Paul's growing, holding steady in numbers, or declining? Is the joy in that place as constant as I remember it?


  Name: John W. Fry
  Date: 8/18/2004
  House of Worship: Holy Apostles - Fort Worth, Texas
  Referred by: the American Anglican Council web site
I am the senior warden at Holy Apostles. We want you all to know that we pray for all our brothers and sisters who have been caught up in the grievious actions of the 74th general convention.


  Name: Peter Rodgers
  Date: 8/5/2004
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by:  
This is just a note to let Christopher Leighton and the other Orthodox Rectors know that I am praying for them.Peter Rodgers, Professor of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary, Sacramento, California


  Name: Earl T. Williams Jr. B.A., M.Div
  Date: 7/19/2004
  House of Worship: St. John's Episcopal Cghurch, North Haven, Ct.
  Referred by: Looking under Acc Parishes etc
I was very pleased to see your stand against the last convention! I am a Nashotah House Graduate and was pleased when the House also came out against the actions of the convention! I wish there were more people that would see that this is WRONG!


  Name: Margaret Johnson Douglass
  Date: 7/14/2004
  House of Worship: St. George's Anglican, PCK
  Referred by: internet
Dear Fr. Leighton, From the Midwest Conservative Journal: "Indeed, know that we are praying, and take the strength that the Lord gives to us unto your own endeavor. You might not remember me as a Pgh PK, but my dad (Fr.TEJ) remembers you as "a true warrior who will hold to the Faith." That was in response to my "is this who I think it is?" Know we and our families continue to pray. Hold fast, Fr. Chris. Much love in Christ - " Dear Father Chris - I pray you get this. As a former Pgh PK, and knowing the national "church" I'm not sure you wlll but if you can, pls respond @ [email protected] We are praying constantly. Love in the One, True, Immutable Christ ~ Margaret Johnson Douglass


  Name: Suzanne O'Brien
  Date: 7/13/2004
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: Referred by a friend: Karen
I'm thrilled to see the Lord is still working at St. Paul's! I attended years ago and would like to stop by for a visit sometime soon. God bless all of you for doing the Lord's work!!


  Name: Jennifer (Woerner) Lettie
  Date: 6/29/2004
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by:  
just wanted to say hello to the Leighton's been such along time since I've seen you all back here in PA...all the best from our family to yours :-)


  Name: + Zebedee K.Masereka, Bishop
  Date: 3/22/2004
  House of Worship: Anglican Church, Uganda.
  Referred by: I have known St. Paul's for a long time
May God continue to bless all of you and the great ministries in your Church.


  Name: matt impastato
  Date: 3/21/2004
  House of Worship: wanderer
  Referred by: i was searching on the web for u guys
nice website...keep up the good work...hope to see you guys soon


  Name: Alfredo Possante
  Date: 3/14/2004
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: God ,trough a friend led me there.
In 1989/90?(?) a friend took me to St. Paul's as my life was desintegrating. Through the words of Terry Fullen by the Holy Spirit and the kind Love of all the vestry and the congregation, I found God as He lifted me up from my mess. I grow up in the faith and attended saturday's men Bible study in the room next to the worship room. Bible study was a great Spiritual experience for me, yet I managed to strey away from the word and comandments of God and for about 15 years now I have been lost in the world again, rebelling against God. A month ago I was led to listen to Dr. Charles Stanley's Sunday broadcast on channel 5 and everything catapulted to a tremendous amount of guilt and necessity to read the word of God again.It Has been like I have had nothing to drink for fifteen years,my thirst is insaciable. I can't wait to come visit you, and by the grace of God maybe accepted into His fellowship again at St. Paul's.


  Name: Leslie Housman
  Date: 3/10/2004
  House of Worship: Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham, Alabama
  Referred by: I'm pretty industrious :)
I met Father Christopher in the Atlanta airport along with Nigel Mumford. The Holy Spirit was definitely at work in that meeting and I wanted the opportunity to tell him about it and to thank him. I hope their trip to B'ham was good, I hope their time with the Newtons was fruitful, and I hope they found some fabulous southern barbecue!! In Christ, Leslie Housman


  Name: Ron Pagel
  Date: 1/24/2004
  House of Worship: St Thomas Episcopal Church
  Referred by: a friend suggested I visit your site
I am thrilled to visit you and see that we are truelly brothers in Christ as we stand in the gap in this troubled time God's blessings to you Ron Pagel Acts 1:8 / Phil 4:13


  Name: Tom Payne
  Date: 1/22/2004
  House of Worship: Church of the Resurrection (Episcopal), Eugene, OR
  Referred by: Web search for "daily office lectionary"
Thank you for your very useful "Daily Office Lectionary" page. I was looking for a way to quickly find the readings for the day, and your page fits the bill exactly. Thank you also for the letter on your home page from Adelaide Waring. I am continuing to pray for wisdom and reconciliation in our communion.


  Name: Karyn Mahan
  Date: 12/3/2003
  House of Worship: Used to be a member
  Referred by: Through Sandy Monahan
St. Pauls will always hold a special place in my heart. I left CT & moved to TN where I work in the Christian Music Business. I am grateful to the Lord for the stand you are taking on the issues we are facing. Maybe one day I will be able to return at least for a visit. Keep pressing on!


  Name: Sarah
  Date: 10/28/2003
  House of Worship: St. Pauls in Darien
  Referred by: I GO HERE
I LOVE ST. PAULS. HOORAY HOORAY. i love yoot groop hooray hooray. i love you all hooray hooray. mwa mwa.


  Name: Mary Spradley
  Date: 10/15/2003
  House of Worship: St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Mo
  Referred by: Web search
I read the book "Miracle in Darien" many years ago and just recently loaned the book to a friend. I also heard Terry Fulham in Hilton Head, S.C. and in St. Joseph, Mo. I have ordered his tapes from your church in the past. Can you tell me if Terry Fulham is still giving retreats and if he has a web site. I would very much appreciate your response. Thank you. I trust your church is as strong as ever. Your story was such an inspiration to me.


  Name: Bishop Zebedee K.Masereka
  Date: 9/10/2003
  House of Worship: Church of Uganda, Anglican
  Referred by: keen interest in St. Pau's Church, Dar.
I love Rev. Christopher Leighton. He is a good friend. I love St. PAUL'S CHURCH. May God bless your great ministries. I want to visit your Church.


  Name: Chris
  Date: 9/8/2003
  House of Worship: New Life Christian Center
  Referred by: I attended when Terry was here...
I think Rev Marcia should be the head leader...she is a wonder teacher. I st under teachings this past Summer and learned a great deal.


  Name: Paul Spivey
  Date: 8/29/2003
  House of Worship: Heritage Church
  Referred by: my sister (Hi Karen)
I appreciate the letter on your webpage as Saint Paul's anchors itself in scripture rather than "pop" spirituality


  Name: Fran Lines
  Date: 8/24/2003
  House of Worship: University Park Church, Fort Worth, TX
  Referred by: The book "Miracle in Darien"
I was given this book years ago and finally just finished it. It so blessed me that I plan to share it with our pastors. We are a Charasmatic church that has just lost our pastor. The sin is not important, his restoration is and we pray to that end. In my spirit I do not feel he will return to our church building, but I pray every day for his restoration to THE Church. I am so curious about Terry Fullum and what happened to him. Was the call on the church fulfilled. I praise God for your statement regarding the rejection of the decision of the 74th Gen Convention. May God Bless you in your edeavors to serve Him faithfully in all you do.


  Name: Bob Sylvia
  Date: 7/29/2003
  House of Worship: Episcopal Church of the Resurrection - Dallas,TX
  Referred by: Google
How wonderful to find your website. We were members for the brief time we lived in CT 1984-86. We still treasure our time with Terry and the congregation and still consider you our "Mother Church." God's love and blessings upon you during this time of crises in our denomination.


  Name: Richard, Kay, Katie and Molly Smith
  Date: 5/28/2003
  House of Worship: Goldhill Baptist Church, Chalfont St Peter, England
  Referred by: I used to be a member
Greetings from the Smith Family, it's been just over a year since we left. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we will never forget our time in fellowship with you.


  Name: John Best
  Date: 5/27/2003
  House of Worship: South Abbotsford Mennonite Brethren Church, Abbotsford, BC
  Referred by: Miracle in Darien
As a grandson of a long-time resident of Darien (Betsy Franklin), I was excited and surprized by the title "Miracle in Darien" staring back at me in a friend's bookshelf in Western Canada. But that was only the beginning of the excitement! Reading Miracle in Darien has touched me deeply. The Holy Spirit truly is a remarkable and able leader of the Church. I have been inspired to seek and allow the inspiration of the Spirit more intentionally by reading this book. Blessings on you as you continue to do the same.


  Name: Michael Godfrey (Fr)
  Date: 1/26/2003
  House of Worship: Anglican Parish of Casino
  Referred by: ether sniffing, really.
Not really down the charro track, but sniffing around to see if anything at your website was pertinent to our faith community. Faith-greetings from Far North NSW, Australia.


  Name: Bill Ramsey
  Date: 1/12/2003
  House of Worship: Manna Church, Fayetteville,N.C.
  Referred by: I think we met at NYSUM
May the Lord bless and keep all of you in the New Year! 5361 Silver Pine Dr. Fayetteville,N.C. 28303


  Name: Linda McKenzie
  Date: 2/18/2002
  House of Worship: St. Clements Anglician Church, Selkirk, Manitoba Canada
  Referred by: Miracle in Darien book
Many years ago I was at a conference with Father Fullem in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and I became born again. The church I attend needs lots of prayer because there are only two of us that are spirit filled. Please put us on your prayer list and please pray for our minister Rev. Mayujie


  Name: Craig Keating
  Date: 2/10/2002
  House of Worship: Anglican Church of St Thomas, Werribee, AUSTRALIA
  Referred by: read the book "Miracle in Darien"
I visited Connecticut last year, staying with friends in New Milford, and it is a beautiful part of the world. Our Vicar here has asked us Vestry members to read "Miracle in Darien" and see what we can learn from you guys. You have certainly done great work for the Lord. Congratulations!


  Name: Jeff
  Date: 1/20/2002
  House of Worship: Grace Church in New York
  Referred by: MSN.Search
Met your rector at a birthday party for his grandson last Saturday. Fabulous site. Keep up the good work!


  Name: Amy Daniels
  Date: 12/16/2001
  House of Worship: Cathedral Of Life, North Canton, Ohio
  Referred by: surfing the web
I was looking thru the sites for Darien because i have recently started chatting with someone from your beautiful town. If all the people in your town are as nice as my friend, Tom, then I hope to visit there or live there someday. God Bless!


  Name: George Straub
  Date: 11/3/2001
  House of Worship: Restoration Church, Naples, FL
  Referred by: We were, and still are, a part of you
We miss St. Pauls so very much and long to come home and be a part of you again. God bless. George


  Name: Amy L. Russell, RN
  Date: 10/23/2001
  House of Worship: Raritan Valley Baptist Church in New Jersey
  Referred by: Miracle in Darien by Bob Slosser
Our church is without a pastor and I am praying for Christ to be the head of the church again. Went to the library at Somerset Christian College and the Lord pointed me to this book! Amen


  Name: Aimee Anderson
  Date: 10/12/2001
  House of Worship: Glad Tidings Assembly of God, Duluth, MN
  Referred by: I read "Miracle in Darien" by Bob Slosse
The book about you was inspiring. I hope that God is still on the move and that you are still following him all of these years later.


  Name: Elaine Osowski
  Date: 9/10/2001
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: your outgoing message tape
Your site is truly wonderful. Thanks.


  Name: Robert E. Cahoon
  Date: 9/6/2001
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: search engine
  Comments: The Lord's Parable of Wine Abuse for a Drug Free Future for Students


  Name: Mark Mitchell
  Date: 7/4/2001
  House of Worship: St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Thomasville, Georgia
  Referred by:  
I just finished reading an old book called "Miracle at Darien." I am glad to see that the Miracle at Darien is still at work. God bless you all. Greetings from Southwest Georgia. PAX, Mark Mitchell


  Name: John Trattles
  Date: 6/17/2001
  House of Worship: Pinehurst Chapel, West Moors, Dorset, ENGLAND
  Referred by: Through reading 'Miracle in Darien'
Having listened to a tape of Terry Fullham speaking in Australia c.1980 it's taken me until now to get round to reading Bob's book which Terry mentioned! I have found much inspiration in the story.God is on the move in this country!This I know.


  Name: Terra Browning
  Date: 5/24/2001
  House of Worship: none so far
  Referred by: I read about St. Paul's and Terry Fullum
I was thrilled to know that there are Episcopalians, such as myself, that feel the word of God is more important than going through the motions of traditional rites. Using those rites in conjunction with God's word gives worship a whole other meaning. My husband and I are currently looking for an Episcopal church here in upper northeast TN with similar values. Thank you for placing your worship services on the web. If I can't find it in TN at least I can find in on the computer. Thanks for sharing!


  Name: Barre Dumas
  Date: 4/26/2001
  House of Worship: Christ Church-Mobile (Anglican)
  Referred by: Rev. Norman H. McCrummen, III
Norman told me in a conversation about spirit filled congregations about a church in Darien, Ct. I searched the web and found you. Your cite is very well done. Our former Diocese (Central Gulf Coast) is seeking to boot us from our buildings. It is comforting and confirming to see that Jesus shows up whereever true worship is engaged in. God's grace to you in your search for adequate space.


  Name: Joseph D. Jerome
  Date: 4/18/2001
  House of Worship: All Saints' Episcopal Church
  Referred by: Website
I like your site. We are in the process of building ours. It be operative soon. God bless and Happy Eastertide.


  Name: Fred Conklin
  Date: 2/16/2001
  House of Worship: Trinity Baptist Church - Fairfield, CT
  Referred by: Mission Connecticut with Luis Palau
It's been great to get to know the people at St. Paul's.


  Name: Donna Noonan
  Date: 2/16/2001
  House of Worship: New Hope Christian Church, Swansea, Massachusetts
  Referred by:  
Hi to all my friends on the Web Committee and at St. Paul's!! I recently took a drive through the website to see what's new. I am pleased to see the announcements of new guest speakers, and went to some of the links. Great stuff. Now that I am living in RI, I am coming to rely on the website for listening to sermons online, and getting news about the sweet church where my faith was born. Love and miss you all, Donna Noonan


  Name: Darryn Johnston
  Date: 12/30/2000
  House of Worship: Port Lincoln Baptist South Australia
  Referred by: surf the net
The "Miracle in Darien" is an inspirational book. Having read it 6 years ago I was reminded recently of it again. After reading it the second time thought I'd try and fing out whats happening at ST. Pauls in Darien today. I praise God for the faithful Anglican folk at Streaky Bay in South Australia who lent me the "Miracle in Darien". As we say down under, "keep up the good work mate!" Blessing from Oz!


  Name: Paul Spivey
  Date: 12/8/2000
  House of Worship: Heritage Church
  Referred by: web
A wonderful site but I expected nothing less from my sister. God Bless


  Name: The Rev. Dermott L. Dessert, Rector
  Date: 11/22/2000
  House of Worship: Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church
  Referred by: ECUSA
Well done. Great website. It has given me ideas as to how to proceed with one for my Church. I have been to Saint Paul's a few years ago. I also know Terry Fullham. He is retired in Florida and is a member of my home parish. My father used to take communion to him in the nursing home after he had a stroke.


  Name: Bernardo Lora
  Date: 11/20/2000
  House of Worship: Iglesia Episcopal de Norwalk
  Referred by: Word of mouth
The Spirit has definately been poured out on St. Paul's. May you abound always in His divine prosperity. In the name of Jesus Christ our LORD. Amen.


  Name: Michael Messenger
  Date: 10/27/2000
  House of Worship: St Paul's Anglican Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Referred by: Web search
Greetings from St Paul's Church in Halifax. It's a to visit your site. Like many, I've also read "Miracle in Darien." Our church, an evangelical Anglican parish on the east coast of Canada, is celebrating our 250th anniversary (1749-2000). As part of the celebrations we've redesigned our website. We'd be pleased if you surfed by, and registered your visit in our guest book. God's blessings on your ministry in Darien.


  Name: The Rev. Dr. Michael O'Donnell, Vicar
  Date: 10/8/2000
  House of Worship: Church of the Shepherd's Heart (Charismatic)
  Referred by:
I'm so glad to see some Holy Spirit filled brothers and sisters building God's kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven." we are a new mission parish meeting at St. Athanasius Anglican Church in Colorado Springs--and, we are with the Charismatic Episcopal Church.


  Name: The Rt. Rev. John B.Pennington & Gretchen
  Date: 9/6/2000
  House of Worship: Church of the Epiphany (AEC)
  Referred by:
Hi to our dear friends Christopher+ and Janet and family. Sweet were the times we spent in ministry!


  Name: David Cooley
  Date: 8/30/2000
  House of Worship: Saint Barnabas, Bay Village, Ohio
  Referred by: Episcopal Church USA web
We are looking to relocate into the area. I'm very encouraged by what I see on your website!


  Name: John R. Linnell
  Date: 8/15/2000
  House of Worship: St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Auburn, ME
  Referred by: It was "a miracle".
I am in the process of reading Miracle at Darien and felt the need to visit your web site. I am currently the Junior Warden at our church in Maine and will move on to Senior Warden at the Annual Meeting, God willing. Our church is undergoing the early stages of your past history. The prayer that Father Fullam is reported to have said at the close of his first sermon, will adorn the front of our church bulletin beginning this Sunday. God bless you.


  Name: Tesser White
  Date: 6/28/2000
  House of Worship: The Vineyard Aurora South
  Referred by: was at Lisa's wedding!
Wish your church was in Denver, not CT!


  Name: David & Sarah Chesney
  Date: 6/10/2000
  House of Worship: St Thomas', Dagenham, Essex, ENGLAND
  Referred by: Suggested by Kay Smith
Hi! to Kay, Richard and Katie. I'm glad everything is OK. Great Website. It's now in my favorites list. God Bless!


  Name: Ken Collie
  Date: 5/15/2000
  House of Worship: Center Street Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  Referred by: Miracle in Darien
I just read the book Miracle in Darien & wanted to check up on you to see how the mission of the church is progressing.Our church is experiencing a similar growth. I was encouraged and challenged by your story as told by Bob Slosser. May God continue to bless you.


  Name: Diann McChesney
  Date: 5/9/2000
  House of Worship: Trinity United Methodist Church, McLean, VA
  Referred by: Lycos
I appreciate your posting your vestry meeting minutes.


  Name: Linda and George Siburn
  Date: 2/6/2000
  House of Worship: Trinity Worship
  Referred by: friend
We like the sound of regional church!


  Name: George Koch
  Date: 1/28/2000
  House of Worship: Resurrection, West Chicago
  Referred by: note from Karen Spivey
I know St Paul's, and have worshipped there, both in the High School (many years ago) and in the church. I have a sister who lives in Rowayton, so I get out your way once in a while. It's great to discover a faithful and Spirit filled church in our denomination!


  Name: The Rev. Canon Charles B. Fulton Jr.
  Date: 1/28/2000
  House of Worship:  
  Referred by: E-mail from Karen Spivey
Nice looking web site for a wonderful parish! Keep up the good work!



Glory to God alone

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