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The Passion of The Christ broke records at the Box Office!
  • The top R-rated film of all time
  • The #1 Film of 2004
  • The top grossing opening weekend in February
  • The widest release of an independent film
  • The #9 top grossing film of all time (Domestic Box Office)
  • Domestic Gross as of 6/17/04: $370,111,518
  • Overseas Gross as of 6/17/04: $238,443,439
  • Worldwide Total:                   $608,554,957

The stone the builders rejected
has become the capstone;
The LORD has done this,
and it is marvelous in our eyes.

-Psalm 118: 22-23

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(Note: If you missed any of the shows that were listed here, visit www.thepassionofchrist.tk and click on Video.)

Conservative Jewish Leader Denounces ADL for Gibson Critique (Marc Morano, Crosswalk.com)
Virtual Hate Crime Against Mel Gibson (James Hirsen, NewsMax.com, 11/10/03)
Crucifying Mel Gibson/
Selective Outrage Mustn't Fritter Away Friendship
Michael Medved and Rabbi Daniel Lapin (The American Enterprise)
How the Passion Changed him Jim Caviezel, the Christian actor who plays Jesus, discusses the role. (National Catholic Register, 12/21/2003)
Gibson Film 'Passion' to Debut on 2,000 Screens (Yahoo News, 1/14/04)
'Passion' Follows the Scripture: Gibson's controversial film coincides closely with ancient Jewish writings David Klinghoffer (LA Times, 1/1/04)
Passion of the Christ Soundtrack to be released 2/24/04 (Billboard, 1/20/04)
CathNews Admits Papal Quote True (NewsMax.com, 1/23/04)
Guilty or not Guilty? The Passion, Collective Guilt, and Choice (A Messianic Jewish Perspective by Susan Perlman, of Jews for Jesus)
Campaign to Counter Gibson Film Planned (New York Times, 2/2/2004)
Gibson seeks olive branch from ADL (Jerusalem Post, 2/1/2004)
Christian leaders gear up for movie release (Troy Daily News, 1/30/2004)
Michael Savage Reviews The Passion (Michael Savage, 2/6/2004)
'The Passion's' Precedent: The Most-Watched Film Ever? (New York Times, 2/8/2004)
Join the Clubbed: Catholics know pain of being bashed (Chicago Sun Times, 2/10/2004)
Who Killed Jesus? (Chuck Colson, 2/12/2004)
CT Classic: Who Killed Jesus? (Christianity Today, 8/24/2000)
Old article, but still relevant
'Passion' Is Already Generating a Faithful Following (Washington Post, 2/17/2004)
'Passion' revives hope for a dying language (NY Times, 2/22/2004)
Behind the Scenes of The Passion (Christianity Today, Feb 23, 2004)
American Bible Society Hails Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ as a Landmark Film....
Gibson considering making another film about faith (Catholic New Agency, March 1, 2004)
God's Second Act: Mel Gibson brings him back to Tinsel Town (WSJ Opinion Journal, March 2, 2004)
Greenwich Churches hold post-'passion' services (New York Times, Mar 2, 2004)
Pontifical University announces conference on “The Passion of the Christ” at the Vatican (Catholic News Agency, 3/5/2004)
Churches Ride Wave of Passion (ekklesia.co.uk, 3/7/2004)
After 'Passion, ' No Need for Gibson to Work Again (Reuters, 3/10/2004)
Poles Rush to See Gibson's Jesus Film (Reuters, 3/11/2004)
Princeton's Passion (National Review, 3/10/2004)
Interesting divide between students and their professors
A Passion for Music; A Battle With Satan (Assist News Service, 2/27/2003)
Passion Viewers Passionate About the Movie (Gallup News Service, 3/12/2004)
"The Passion" Isn't Anti-Semitic, Says Vatican Aide (Zenit, 3/11/2004)
Hollywood Rethinking Faith Films After 'Passion' (New York Times, 3/15/2004)
'Passion' will inspire other religious films (Michael Medved in USA Today, 3/14/2004)
Pope Meets with 'Passion' Star Caviezel (New York Times, 3/16/2004)
'Passion' Film Lessens Hostility Towards Jews, Poll Shows (cnsnews.com, 3/15/2004)
'Passion' a Blessing for Christian Product Sales (Reuters, 3/16/2004)
'Passion' Soundtrack Inspiring Almighty Sales (New York Times, 3/17,2004)
Gibson breaks Hollywood's 10 Commands (Hollywood Reporter, 3/17/2004)
A Great Moment in the Life of an Artist:Talking with James Caviezel after his meeting with the pope (Peggy Noonan in Opinion Journal, 3/18/2004)
'Passion' viewers get room to talk, reflect (TheState.com, 3/20/2004)
Jim Caviezel: Under the make-up, a man of Faith (AsiaNews.IT, 3/20/2004)

Glory to God alone

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