The Rev. Christopher Leighton, Rector
The Rev. Daniel Morgan, Assistant Rector for Youth and Family Ministry
Assisting Clergy
The Rev. Novella Lawrence
The Rev. Blake Greenlee

Vestry Officers
Bill Jolly, Senior Warden
David Woodford, Junior Warden
Paul Hadlow, Treasurer
Linda Deane, Clerk

Class of 2007
Joanne Cerretani
Charlene Harrick
Lisa Schell
Class of 2008
Gay Forbes
Tony Mattioli
LInda Tilton
Class of 2009
Gordon Jelliffe
Roger Knudsen
Rafique Tai

Jean Hancock, Altar Guild Director
Jim Leach, Lay Assistant to the Rector
Lisa Leach, Healing and Intercession
Audrey Lin, Music Minister
Pat Poremba, Bookkeeper
Michael Rennier, Seminarian
Phyllis Schlemmer, Parish Secretary
Andy Thomas, Sexton


Glory to God alone

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