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Come To Find Ministry, Healing and Companionship at St. Paul's
  • Do you feel burdened by grief or needs that are not being met?
  • Do you hunger to know God personally, and to know His love for you?
We invite you to experience St. Paul's!
We are a church whose doors are open 7 days a week. We are a body of believers that believes we serve our Lord best by serving His people first. And we serve the people in our community in so many ways that extend beyond our weekly 10 am Sunday service.

Healing services are held each Sunday, as well as Tuesday mornings, and, increasingly, with miraculous results! Come and bring a friend!

Support Groups:
Our support groups meet regularly to provide prayer and fellowship for people of every stripe, from all walks of life. Some examples: We welcome women who are pursuing careers and/or supporting families, as well as mothers of pre-schoolers, (MOPS) seeking comfort, companionship and a respite from daily routines. We support single men and men striving to uphold their responsibilities as Christian fathers and husbands.

We support couples seeking God's will for their lives. And we will be there for you, whether you are grieving for a lost loved one, struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups, or thankfully, celebrating a recovery and seeking to sustain it.

Bible Study:
As a bible-centered church, St. Paul's respects and reveres God's Word. Our bible study meets weekly and is led by Father Christopher Leighton and Father Dan Morgan. We are currently studying First Corinthians and we find incredible similarities between the church in Corinth and the church in Connecticut.

Youth Activities:
St. Paul's young men and women enjoy a wonderfully dynamic youth group (The Yoot Group) that is growing rapidly and becoming a model for other churches across Fairfield County. Our children are not only loved as the objects of our affection, but also taught and mentored as the future leaders of our church and community.

Faith and Fellowship:
Through all of our activities � from potluck dinners for fun and fellowship, to outreach efforts through important initiatives, such as our Tagless sales, St. Paul's is a living, growing family of faith, bound together by our faith and our love for Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join our family!


Glory to God alone

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