Prayers Needed for the Anglican Primates Meeting in Conference at Kanuga by Father M. Blake Greenlee
March 2001


The Primates of the Anglican Communion (of which the Episcopal Church is a member) meet each year. This year's meeting will take place at the Kanuga Conference Center in Western North Carolina, on March 3-9, 2001. With the exception of the Episcopal Church, which is led by its Presiding Bishop, heads of the member churches have the title "archbishop". All (even our Presiding Bishop) are called Primates.

While member churches share the same general beliefs (pp 876-877 BCP), in recent years, the failure of the Episcopal Church in the United States (ECUSA) to conform to scripture has made it more and more difficult for our brother churches in third world countries especially when they face a Muslim society. There will be much hullabaloo in the press; news programs on TV may predict dire things for the Episcopal Church. We, here at St. Paul's, have many friends in Third World countries. Some of them face danger each day by protecting themselves and their families with prayer.

In the face of this very important meeting and in an atmosphere of media exaggeration and probable lying, I ask that you also turn to prayer. I suggest that you use the Evening Prayer Rite that begins on page 117 of the Book of Common Prayer. You might even create a family liturgy by lighting a candle as you pray the "O Gracious Light" canticle (p118), keeping it lit until you finish the prayers. Add your own prayers for the work of these Primates and especially for the Episcopal Church nationally and for our own bishop and clergy.

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