Vacation Bible School 2002

by Lauren Ellis

On Monday, August 19 , we at St. Paul's Episcopal Church were expecting about 90 children to arrive for the opening festivities of Vacation Bible School; imagine our surprise and excitement when over 125 happy faces passed through our doors eager to start their week- long Son Canyon River Adventure.

Every morning, by 9:30 am, the children were dropped off in our Parish Hall by their parents. Within minutes, their group leaders had them name-tagged and decorated with their color bandana. At one glance, you spotted the Spelunkers (the eldest group) in their bright green bandana, the Cougars in their aqua, the Otters in their navy blue and the Bullfrogs (the youngest) in their pale yellow. The groups gathered on their rafts, awaiting the call to march into the Church, to see the special appearance of Canyon Cliff, and to sing songs and watch the video skit detailing the day's theme.

By 9:45 am, each morning's activities commenced. Spelunkers ran off to games, the Cougars tackled their lessons, the Otters participated in crafts and the Bullfrogs did more than just ribbut during music. Each activity lasted thirty minutes and was packed with fun, laughter, learning and energy.

12:15 pm initiated closing ceremonies. Again, the 125 children gathered in our Church to sing songs, talk about the morning's lessons, and to give thanks for the day to our God who made it all possible.

By 12:45 pm, our grounds stood vacant and seemed strangely silent; however, that only made me more eager for the next morning. As a former Wall Street employee, I can say that I have never transacted a trade, done a deal, or sold a security that ever gave me this much of a blessing, and this much of a high. It's too bad there isn't as much bullishness on Wall Street as we feel toward these children. Each child's laughter and giggle, full toothed smile, messy face from snacks and sticky fingers from crafts, blessed each volunteer to the utmost degree. We know that Vacation Bible School is for the children; yet, it was not only they who walked away from each morning singing and laughing. We adults went on our way singing and laughing, too.

We at St.Paul's are thrilled not only by the growing strength and support for this wonderful program, but we also give thanks for those five mornings, when we, too, can be children all over again, just as we were when we first entered His presence, giggling and laughing, singing songs, with full-toothed smiles, messy faces from snacks and sticky fingers from crafts.

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Lauren Ellis, formerly a Equity Research Assistant for Jefferies & Co., Inc., is currently a Youth Ministry Intern at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Darien.