St. Paul's Celebrates Seder

by Bently Elliott

On Thursday, March 28 2002, the second night of Passover, some 130 members of St. Paul's joined together to celebrate the traditional Seder Service and dinner. Led by Mitch Glaser, a Messianic Jew of Chosen People Ministries, the members observed the many wonderful traditions of the Seder.

Step-by-step, the group participated in dipping the parsley, drinking the four cups of wine, eating the Bitter Herbs and Unleavened Bread, telling the story of the Passover as children asked the Four Questions, and finally, enjoying a delicious lamb for the Passover Supper as they sang songs like "Dayenu" praising God and pledging, "Next Year in Jerusalem."

This year's service was especially meaningful at a time when Israel is under siege from suicide bombers and pitched in a life and death struggle for survival. St. Paul's members were reminded that all Christians are grafted into the Jewish faith through the life of Jesus, the lamb of God. The members of St. Paul's prayed for God's protection of Israel. And they prayed that more will come to know that the Messiah, Jesus, came and died, shedding his blood, even as the Passover lamb of old, to save and provide for all the people of Israel who will place their faith and trust in Him.

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