Luis Palau Wows St. Paul's

by Bently Elliott

(Feb 10, 2002)  Preaching to a packed St. Paul's, famed evangelist Luis Palau brought his powerful message of hope and salvation to some 300 people from Southwest Connecticut on Sunday evening. Addressing the subject "Living in times of Crisis," Dr. Palau said that every person can find comfort and courage from Christ's promise of eternal life, as well as from the power of the Holy Spirit that will bring forth amazing changes in our lives.

Dr. Palau centered his talk on Romans 8, which he called one of the most inspiring passages in scripture. He said that Jesus promises us victory, for there is no condemnation, and you are forgiven of your sins when you invite Jesus Christ into your heart. And once the spirit of the living God comes into your life, He causes a resolution in your life circumstances.

Dr. Palau, recently invited to participate in a Bible study at the White House, was applauded when he quoted President Bush's admission that, "I was a sinner who found redemption through my relationship with Jesus Christ." Dr. Palau said that there are always two spiritual principles at work in our lives and the world. The spirit of sin and death is trying to pull us down, but the spirit of life in Christ will always lift us up. He noted that just as the laws of aerodynamics liberate airplanes from the downward pull of gravity, so God's spirit can free us from the downward pull of sin.

Dr. Palau's talk was jointly sponsored by St. Paul's Church and the New Canaan Men's Group.