Healing at St. Paul's

by Bently Elliott

April, 2002 -- Is the Holy Spirit bringing miracles of physical healing to St. Paul's? We believe the evidence is growing that He is!

At our retreat this year, Fr. Christopher and Fr. Dan led the members of the vestry in praying that St. Paul's would refocus its mission on serving Christ and doing His will before and above all other things. We believed in faith that God would respond to a renewed and regenerated church with an outpouring of blessings in our ministries of service.

And we are seeing His grace and power at work. Gail Beutel, who heads St. Paul's Healing and Intercession Ministry, reports of four individuals whom she and her team prayed for who have experienced healings:

A young boy suffering from multiple afflictions and unable to stand or walk, came to St. Paul's Easter night seeking help. After a group laid hands on him, the boy began regaining his strength and soon was able to kick, stand, and even walk with some support.

A woman named Dorothy came to church asking for prayer for acute abdominal pain. Gail felt strongly in her spirit that the Lord was doing a work in her organs. Immediately following last week's service, she told Gail that she had no more pain.

David was scheduled to undergo surgery for repair of a hernia. As Gail prayed with him, she felt the Lord's healing power. When David went for his surgery, they found no hernia and sent him home.

And Michael, felled by a stroke just a year ago, continues his remarkable recovery as he is lifted up by the power of prayer. Michael can now walk, drive a refurbished car, open and close his left hand, and, for the first time, lift his left arm over his head. Let us raise the hands of St. Paul's in thanking God for his grace, goodness and love.

Mark 16:17-18:And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name.they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.