Fr. Christopher Leighton - Easter 2012

Happy Resurrection Day!

I don’t know if you were aware of the three blue Herons that were circling St. Paul’s during our march around the front of the church as we sang Holy, Holy, Holy, before entering the sanctuary on Palm Sunday.  I was not aware either, but I did notice that Janet Leighton pointed upward at “something”.  When I looked up and saw nothing I assumed it was probably a red tail hawk since I have heard and seen them circling above the property before.  When I checked my Facebook later that evening my daughter Jaclyn had left me a message asking if I saw the “three blue Herons circling above the church” and as we entered the sanctuary she said they flew off.  Because of her prophetic gift she supposed that “perhaps” God was trying to say something to us since it did seem very odd that three Herons suddenly appeared specifically at that time overhead. So this is what she discovered as she did some research about the birds.

Herons are considered melancholy birds. White ones symbolize innocence while ash-gray (blue) ones symbolize penance. Early Christians, believing that herons shed tears of blood under stress, made this bird an emblem of Christ’s agony in the garden and the sweat of blood He endured there (Lk 22:44). Like many wading birds which eat snakes, frogs, and other symbols of the evil one, herons are images of the eternal struggle of good against evil and of Christ’s battle against the Devil.

Pretty amazing right?  Neither of us thought for one second this was “just” a coincidence in fact we believe it was a God-Incidence.   I asked the Lord in prayer later that night to reveal to me what the significance of this occurrence could mean to us as a Church. He reminded me of what the Old Testament prophet Joel (2:28-32) predicted about “The day of the Lord” and how Peter repeats the prophet’s words in the book of Acts (2:17-21. I believe this was a sign for us to be attentive to the times we are in. He told me simply, “I am displaying signs and wonders for my people all the time and they need to pay closer attention.” 

My prayer is that as we enter into this Easter Season and climax to the Season of Pentecost we WILL be more aware of the signs and wonders all around us like never before! The greatest sign and wonder of course being the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! May our eyes of faith be open and may we behold Him in all His redeeming work! Thanks be to God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit!  Amen.

Joann Cerretani

Joann Cerretani

Jr. Warden

Easter 2012 - All Creation Worship Him!

This Easter Sunday we greet you with joy, and we welcome all guests to St. Paul’s celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Together we join with the universe to praise our Creator, Almighty God, and we bless him for the greatest act in the history of the universe. All creation worships him.

“Aleluia, Christ is risen!”

“The Lord is risen indeed, aleluia!”

Today, if you are baptized and you love the Lord Jesus, please come forward to receive communion. If you have not been baptized, we still invite you to come forward for a priestly blessing. If you would like to be baptized please talk to a member of the clergy.

Happy Easter!

Fr. Christopher Leighton

Fr. Jordan Easley

Fr. Jordan Easley - Palm Sunday

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